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Chiara Izzi

“Sister, you are very very talented!”
- Quincy Jones

Chiara IzziAward winning Italian singer, songwriter Chiara Izzi has been described by Jazz Times as “a talent to be heard, admired and anticipated” after the release of her debut album “Motifs”.

She started her musical path in Italy by learning to play the piano and performing very early. She developed a versatility thanks to a multitude of performances in Italy and abroad in Belgium, Switzerland, France, the United States, Finland and Germany, which led to her vocal mastery of traditional jazz alongside contemporary styles. Chiara’s sound is based on her own unique interpretation of a fusion of different genres, including jazz, pop and Mediterranean sounds.

Chiara’s International debut took place at the Montreux Jazz Festival Vocal Competition in 2011, where she was awarded first prize by the living musical legend Quincy Jones. Following this award the vocalist was invited to open for Paco de Lucìa’s concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2012. Thanks to this award she had also the chance to record her debut album “Motifs” released by the New York based label Dot Time Records. The record has been presented in some well-known radio programs in Belgium, Holland, Italy and received notable reviews in the US on Jazz Times, All About Jazz, AXS, Midwest Record, to name of few.

She is currently living in New York and performs regularly around the city. Some of her notable performances occurred in prominent venues such as Montreux Jazz Festival, The Iridium, Apollo Theater,  Aspen Jazz Festival, Jazzahead, Italian Embassy in Washington DC, Smalls. She’s also graced the stage with some of the finest musicians, including Kevin Hays, Leon Parker, Bruce Barth, Eliot Zigmund, Warren Wolf, Anthony Wonsey, among many others. Chiara graduated with honors with a Masterʼs Degree in Jazz Music in Italy and she has caught the attention of and received remarkable appraisals from Quincy Jones, Bobby Watson, Benny Golson, Kevin Hays, Eliot Zigmund, Joel Frahm, Aaron Goldberg, David Kikosky, Greg Hutchinson, Jonathan Kreisberg, Dado Moroni and many others.


"A talent to be heard, admired and anticipated"
 - Travis Rogers, Jazz Times

"Motifs is her debut recording and immediately reveals a study, lightly-accented voice with a well scrubbed sensual vitality that is fresh and crisp...Izzi joins as a force of nature with prodigious scat chops".
- Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

"She’s probably one of the best scatters out there right now, effortlessly melodic, effortlessly
daring... jaw-dropping excitement for a new youthful wave of appreciation, and invention".
– Carol Banks Weber, AXS

“Chiara is one of those rising stars that I speak of. She has the talent, passion, devotion,
musicianship, and professionalism that is required for success”.
- Bobby Watson

“She has developed a distinctly original vocal style and understands the feeling of jazz in a deep
way. Her performances never fail to inspire and always elicit the very best out of her sidemen”.
-Joel Frahm

“One of the few artists that we all get the pleasure to meet a few times in our life”.
-Kevin Hays

Montreux Jazz Festival 2011, Switzerland- First Prize
Lucca Jazz Donna Festival 2010, Italy - First Prize
Chicco Bettinardi Competition 2010, Italy - Third Prize
Barga Jazz Festival International Competition 2009, Italy - First Prizes

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Chiara Izzi EPK- Live at Little Big Beat Studios

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Chiara Izzi EPK- Live at Little Big Beat Studios Nov. 2016

Chiara Izzi "CANZONE DI LAIGUEGLIA by Rosario Bonaccorso e Gino Paoli"

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