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Arthur Barron

The Miami Jazz Project

Arthur BarronSaxophonist and flutist Arthur Barron, known for work with Hilton Ruiz and Jerry Gonzalez and legendary soprano saxophonist Dave Liebman, of Miles Davis, Elvin Jones, McCoy Tyner and Chick Corea fame, team up for an outing of original compositions and remake of John Coltrane’s Dahomey Dance with Miami based keyboardist and production wiz Abel Pabon (Joss Stone), bassist Josh Allen (Negroni’s Trio), bassist Eric England (Troy Roberts), drummer Michael Piolet (University of Miami Stamps Quintet) and vibraphonist and percussionist Alfredo Chacon (David Bisbal), delivering The Miami Jazz Project brand of fusion soundtrack.

Musicians have all been influenced, in one way or another, by our predecessors.  For me, it was John Coltrane, Joe Henderson and Dexter Gordon, as well as Don Van Fleet (aka Captain Beefheart).  And, of course, Miles Davis, whose Jack Johnson recording was one of the prime motivators for my desire to become a musician.  That innovative album, together with Miles’ subsequent recordings, ushered in a new genre recognized as fusion.  As Dave Liebman states in his book What It Is; “We are responsible….the people of my generation for keeping this music alive….the spirit of this music; its tradition; the people who came through it and why they created it; the blood, sweat and tears that were literally put into this.  We are now left with the flame that’s been handed down to us and we have to be true to the cause. We are missionaries from the other side and we have continuous work ahead of us.” 

With Dave’s quote in mind, The Miami Jazz Project CD featuring its own brand of contemporary jazz can be viewed as an extension of the tradition that Miles and other bands like Weather Report laid down. The compositions includes both acoustic and electric material with stylistic elements rooted in mainstream jazz, blues, jazz rock and world music; a fusion of harmonic structures and modal works. Although comparisons can be made to what came before, the depth of the performances along with the original compositions and the overall production sound results in this music taking on a life of its own on this recording as well as suggesting how the fusion style has evolved over the decades since Miles broke ground.

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Audio & Video Samples
audio The Miami Jazz Project "Dahomey Dance" (mp3 sample)
audio The Miami Jazz Project "Lordy Lourdes" (mp3 sample)
audio The Miami Jazz Project "Jinnistan" (mp3 sample)
audio The Miami Jazz Project "Winter Day" (mp3 sample)

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