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Larry Coryell

Larry Coryell Larry Coryell has been described by Whitney Balliett as “the most innovative and original guitarist since Charlie Christian.”  Beginning with his first recordings with Chico Hamilton and his tenure with the Gary Burton Quartet, Larry has remained in the pantheon of great jazz guitarists for more than forty years. His personal philosophy of music has kept his playing fresh and exciting and makes each of his personal appearances or recordings a special event.

The late 60’s and early 70’s saw Larry as one of the most in-demand guitarists, not only in jazz but in all musical genres. It was during this time that Larry released a series of critically acclaimed albums for Vanguard, did some rock experimentation with Steve Marcus, toured with British musicians Jack Bruce and Mitch Mitchell and appeared on the first album by the Jazz Composer’s Orchestra Association. There were sessions with Jimmy Webb, The Fifth Dimension, Charles Mingus, Billy Cobham, Chick Corea, John McLaughlin and Miroslav Vitous. The albums produced at this time show Larry Coryell to be a profound musical prophet, merging jazz, rock, free-form improvisations and Eastern modes and scales in a way that was new at the time and still communicates power and emotion years later.

In 1974, Larry formed The 11th House, one of the most popular and successful fusion bands of its time. The band, comprising Coryell, Randy Brecker, Alphonse Mouzon, Mike Mandel and Danny Trifan, demolished the barriers between jazz and rock and came up with a sound that merged the best elements of both – the raw emotional power of rock with the more structured ideas of jazz.

All of Larry’s work, both singly and collectively, highlights Larry’s uncanny ability to revisit jazz standards and imbue them with the new life and ideas. He brings to them his years of experience in playing, listening and learning and synthesizes them into something greater than the sum of their parts.

Larry Coryell deserves a special place in the history books.

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> Larry Coryell Biography (pdf)
> Bombay Jazz Biography (pdf)

> Larry Coryell Discography (pdf)

> Larry Coryell Quotes (pdf)

> Review Chicago Tribune February 2012 (pdf)

> Boston Globe Performance Review (doc)

Master Clinics
> Larry Coryell Master Clinic and Performance Syllabus (pdf)

Hi-Res 2011 #1
Hi-Res 2011 # 2
Hi-Res 2011 # 3
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youtube Larry Coryell and Al DiMeola in Spain
youtube Larry Coryell Trio in Cincinnati "Tricycles"
youtube Larry Coryell's "Love Is Here to Stay"

Audio Samples
Laid Back & blues

> "The Dragon Gate" from "Laid Back & Blues" (Rhombus 2006) (mp3)

Laid Back & blues

> "No More booze Minor Blues" from "Laid Back & Blues" (Rhombus 2006) (mp3)


> "Stable Fantasy" from "Tricycles" (Favored Nations 2004) (mp3)

Bombay Jazz Audio Samples
Live in Mumbai

> "Ganges" from "Live in Mumbai" (mp3)

Live in Mumbai

> "Trem Brazil-India" from "Live in Mumbai" (mp3)

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