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Lorraine Feather

Lorraine Feather"Lorraine Feather is easily one of the most creative lyricists of her generation, and since earning a Grammy nomination for her 2010 CD Ages, the vocalist has gained greater attention … surprising, often humorous song topics and devoid of predictable Moon/June assembly line lyrics ... Feather's skills as an actress and her infectious, versatile voice add to her appeal Tales of the Unusual is no exception ... captivating ... magical ... hilarious."

- Ken Dryden, All Music Guide

Lorraine Feather has wowed the jazz world with her latest recording "Tales of the Unusual" (Jazzed Media - 2012).  Down Beat Magazine calls her “energetic, enchanting and exceptional.”  The daughter of the famous critic and songwriter Leonard Feather (and goddaughter of Billie Holiday), Lorraine has exploded onto the jazz scene with her ingenious lyrics, her dazzling voice, and her exceptional performances. Lorraine is this generation’s celebrated jazz lyricist and singer.

Lorraine's previous release in 2010, "Ages" was nominated for a Grammy.

In 2008, her hit record "Language" was the #1-selling jazz CD on Amazon the month after its release, as well as  hit #1 on the Jazz Radio Charts.

In addition to Lorraine’s highly acclaimed performances and albums, she has accumulated dozens of credits and eight Emmy nominations for her work in film and television as a lyricist.  In 2003 she wrote the lyrics for Disney’s "The Jungle Book 2", and in 2004, for Julie Andrews’ first onscreen performance in many years in "The Princess Diaries 2." She is currently working on lyrics for the My Little Pony film series, and has been commissioned by New York composer Stefania deKenessey to provide lyrics for her opera of Tom Wolfe’s "The Bonfire of the Vanities."

Lorraine has made several self-produced videos to accompany her CDs. In 2008 she began work on a fully-animated short film of one of her Waller adaptations, "You're Outa Here" (based on Waller's "The Minor Drag"), co-produced with "the quintessential independent American animator" George Griffin.


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Reviews from "Language"
> Language_reviews_june_2008_one_page (pdf)

> Audiophile Review Language 2008 (Pdf)
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Master Clinic

> Lorraine Feather Master Clinic and Master Performance Syllabus (pdf)

Video & Audio

Tales of the
                                Unusual "The Hole in the Map" from Tales of the Unusual - Jazzed Media 2012 (mp3 sample)

Tales of the
                                Unusual "Off the Grid Girl" from Tales of the Unusual - Jazzed Media 2012 (mp3 sample)

Tales of the
                                Unusual "Where Is Everybody?" from Tales of the Unusual - Jazzed Media 2012 (mp3 sample)

Radio Interview on NPR with Susan Stamberg May 2008

You're Outa Here Lorraine Feather's animated short "You're Outa Here"

video"Remembering to Breath" from "Dooji Wooji" (.mov)

video"The 101"from Lorraine Feather's hit CD "Such Sweet Thunder" (Sanctuary 2004) (.mov)

dooji wooji
"I Know The Way to Brooklyn" from Lorraine Feather's album "Dooji Wooji" (Sanctuary 2005) (mp3)

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