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Jen Chapin

Jen Chapin
Jen Chapin’s music is urban folk soul — story songs that search for community and shared meaning, powered by the funk and improvisation of the city. Critics have hailed her work as “brilliant.. soulfully poetic” (NPR), “thoughtful … worth-savoring” (People), “addictive” (Boston Globe), “smart, observant, lyrically deft, politically aware and emotionally intuitive” (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel).

JazzTimes has called her “a first-rate storyteller” while Relix regards her as “one of the freshest voices singing today.” Jen has been featured on “Late Nite with Conan O’Brien”, NPR’s Mountain Stage and WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour, Sirius Satellite’s The Loft with Mike Marrone and Mary Sue Twohy’s The Village, been honored by the USA Songwriting Competition, has performed on stage with Bruce Springsteen, and has opened up for Bruce Hornsby, Smokey Robinson, and the Neville Brothers..

Her performances are powerful, spotlighting the world-class musicianship and rare chemistry of Grammy-nominated acoustic bassist/husband Stephan Crump and “unflappable melodist” (New York Times) guitarist Jamie Fox.

Jen’s music reflects a diversity of experience. She is mother to 8 year old Maceo and 4 year old Van Crump. She is an activist,
with a life-long involvement in WhyHunger (founded in 1975 by Jen’s late father Harry Chapin), an organization that champions innovative, community-based solutions to hunger and poverty.

Reckoning, Jen’s first full-length album of her original songs in 7 years, produced by 5-time Grammy award winner Kevin Killen. Reckoning is “songs of ambition (and the lack thereof), of anger, and gratitude, of privilege, and being without, of being overwhelmed but still hungry for more life. In short, of family.”

“Jen Chapin faces her ‘Reckoning’ [with] her lush new recording which blends elements of jazz, folk and rock…” Los Angeles Times

“Jen has a sandied tone to her voice, and her delivery has a quirky cleverness to it. Sleek and snappy material…intriguing.” George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

“..outstanding record.. her masterpiece.” Jeremy Williams, Yorkshire Times

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audio Jen Chapin's "Reckoning" (mp3 sample 2013)

audio Jen Chapin's "It's All Right" (mp3 sample 2013)

audio Jen Chapin's "Little Hours" (mp3 sample)

audio Jen Chapin's "Manchild" (mp3 sample)

youtube  Jen Chapin's "Feed Your Baby" (2013)

youtube Jen Chapin's "Go Away" (2013)

youtube  Jen Chapin's "I Could Fall"

youtube   Jen Chapin's "Election Day"

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