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Judy Wexler

Judy Wexler"Perhaps it’s her training as an actress, but there’s a marvelous clarity about Judy Wexler, both in terms of her immaculate phrasing and intonation and in her ability to strip a song, any song, to its bare essence, fully captivating its spirit and soul without an ounce of pretense or affectation.” 
- Christopher Loudon, JazzTimes

Vocalist Judy Wexler has been garnering rave reviews and fans across the country and around the world. A touring and recording artist, she has headlined at jazz festivals, performing arts centers and major jazz clubs both nationally and internationally. She released her 4th CD, “What I See,” in September 2013 on the Jazzed Media label. “What I See” showcases Wexler’s close creative ties to her longtime pianist/arranger and co-producer Jeff Colella.  Receiving wide national airplay and critical acclaim, Music Man blog calls the CD “one of the best jazz albums of the year.”

Judy is widely known as a straight-ahead jazz singer and an inspired interpreter of lyrics, who has been cited repeatedly by critics as having the rare ability to find the essential truth of a song. She displays an unerring ear for underexposed gems and possesses a pliably warm, lustrous sound.  Judy’s debut CD, Easy on the Heart in 2005, made radio waves and introduced her to a wide jazz audience. Dreams & Shadows, her 2008 follow-up, which debuted at #2 on the national JazzWeek chart and hit #1 in Amazon Jazz sales, confirmed her ability to find great songs and effortlessly bring them to life. Judy was interviewed on NPR Weekend Edition with Susan Stamberg, who said, "From the evidence on her new second album, Dreams & Shadows, Judy Wexler can sing almost anything." Under a Painted Sky, Judy’s 3rd CD, which was released in 2011 and topped the jazz charts, as well as receiving a 4-Star review in Downbeat, once again married her expressive storytelling and out-of-the-box song selections with the richly harmonic arrangements of pianist Alan Pasqua.  Jazzreview.com raved, "This recording should be in the true Jazzophiles collection — it gets no better!"

Prior to her success as a jazz vocalist, Judy worked for many years in theater. Studying with legendary acting coach Stella Adler, she appeared in many stage plays, and was featured on TV shows including a guest starring role on the hit comedy, Frasier.

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youtube Judy Wexler "An Occasional Man" Video

What I See"Tomorrow Is Another Day" from "What I See (mp3 sample - Jazzed Media 2013)

What I
                            See"They Say It's Spring" from "What I See" (mp3 sample - Jazzed Media 2013)

What I See"Convince Me" from "What I See" (mp3 sample - Jazzed Media 2013)

Under A Painted Sky
Judy Wexler's "An Occasional Man" from Under A Painted Sky (mp3 sample - Jazzed Media 2011)

Under A Painted Sky Judy Wexler's "And How I Hoped For Your Love" from Under A Painted Sky (mp3 sample - Jazzed Media 2011)

Under A Painted Sky Judy Wexler's "Wonderful Wonderful" from Under A Painted Sky (mp3 sample - Jazzed Media 2011)

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